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          The College students graduate from Swansea University

          Swansea University recently held its summer Graduation ceremonies and celebrated the successes of the class of 2018. Over 200 students that progressed to the University from The College, Swansea University (formerly ICWS), received their bachelors or Master’s degrees, many of which achieved 1st class and 2:1 degrees which is a fantastic achievement!

          Graduation Teddy

          Swansea University truly celebrates when it comes to graduation. The impressive Great Hall situated on the Bay Campus took pride of place throughout the celebrations, seeing many new talents across its Auditorium stage. The School of Management hosted further activities such as the graduation gowning, professional photography and even an opportunity to get a professional LinkedIn profile photo, perfect for students entering the world of work. The ceremony was streamed live on screens around both Bay and Singleton campuses plus a live feed online, a great feature for families of international students who may not have been able to attend on the day but were still able to see their loved ones graduate.

          The Great Hall

          Each day of the week saw a different group of students graduating. We caught up with our past students and presented some of them with awards of our own. This is what they had to say about Swansea University, The College and their study experience in the UK.

          ‌Rana – BSc Medical Genetics
          Saudi Arabia
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          Samuel – BSc Medical Genetics
          Hong Kong
          “Studying at Swansea University has been made very easy due to the lecturers being helpful and assisting with my problems. The College helped me to understand and prepare for the challenges I would face during my studies and all other like-minded students come together and support each other like a family. I will continue my studies in Hong Kong doing my Master’s degree. I would advise anyone looking to study in Swansea to look for new opportunities and go for it.”

          ‌Muhammad – BA Media and Communication
          “I loved the studies in Swansea University. The College teaching and lecturers were very beneficial and always there for us. My best memory of The College is getting top marks in the class for my presentation. Now after graduation I will begin an internship with the BBC. I would recommend The College to start your studies as it will make university life much easier.” 

          Marim – MSc Management (Finance)
          “Studying in Swansea University was great. I started way back with The College in May of 2013 and 5 years later I’m here with my Master’s degree. Coming from Kuwait to the UK at just age 17 was scary but The College gave me a home and helped prepare me for what to expect. Now that I have my Master’s my dream is to lecture and become a professor and dean. It’s important to enjoy every moment as it goes by so much faster than you ever think. I can’t believe it’s over but I’m really happy to have chosen Swansea University.”

          ‌Mon – BSc Business Management
          “I’m so excited to be graduating today. I won’t forget the time I spent with my friends in group study at Swansea University. The College helped me by showing how to get the marks I need to carry out research and referencing correctly. I will now be going back to my home country for a few months and then return to study my Master’s degree.  You must enjoy every moment, do your best and embrace everything you can.”

          James – BSc Accounting and Finance
          “Study at Swansea University did have its challenges especially in the third year but I managed to overcome these with a first class degree. The College helped me a lot when I first arrived in the UK with my English language. I will always remember when I got my first results at The College.  I couldn’t believe I achieved such good grades.  It was very encouraging and I continued to improve.  I will now continue my education onto a Master’s degree. For anyone coming to study in Swansea I recommend speaking more to practice the English language.  The language will be your first challenge when you arrive but after this the rest is easy, trust me.”

          Shubham – BEng Aerospace Engineering with a Year in Industry
          “My hard work has paid off and it’s a pleasure to graduate. The College plays a critical role in the transition from the cultural shock of being from another country.  Part of my course that I particularly enjoyed was when I carried out some manoeuvres and reached 3 G’s in an aircraft experiment and also a flight experience at Swansea Airport. There is no rest for me as I start a job next week with Catapult High Value Manufacturing. Swansea is a great place to come to and future prospects are good. There was constant support from the professors from day one.  The College pathways provided valuable additional support.”

          Badmaa and Amal – MSc Civil Engineering
          Mongolia and Egypt

          “I’ve enjoyed being so close to the coast so I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library which is right next to the beach. Starting at The College help me to adapt to the British system quickly. I will never forget the time spent with my friends, the experience and getting my independence. I’ve been working back home and perhaps will look for a career in the UK. It’s important to be confident and talk to everyone as they are all helpful and friendly, don’t be shy. The College is a great place to start your studies and settle in.”

          “Study in Swansea hasn’t been without its ups and downs but graduating now is amazing, feels surreal to finish and sad to put that all behind me. I started my studies when I was 17 and The College helped me to interact and make friends with other nationalities. The time and memories with my friends will always be very important to me. I’ve applied for work with a number of petroleum companies so fingers crossed. It is colder here than home but warm clothes helped and finally it’s important to interact with everyone, go out and have fun.” 

          ‌Miles Eastwood – BEng Mechanical Engineering
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          Ahmad – BEng Mechanical Engineering
          “I’m really going to miss my days in Swansea, 4 years with friends and meeting all the lecturers, but today is a very good day. Swansea University attracted me as an international student because of its ranking as a top UK university in Engineering. My country and the Middle East need more engineers to export oil and gas so they focus on sending students to top universities such as Swansea and now Qatar has another engineer. I’ve applied for a military role back home. The College is great to help support students who need extra help with the English Language. I won’t forget the people I have met, the city, the university and lecturers, everyone. As an international student I’d recommend focusing and attending because the lecturers have special skills to help you.” 

          Nawal – BSc Computer Science
          “My time in Swansea University has been great and The College helped me to get the qualifications I needed. I now have friends from around the world who I will keep in touch with. Next I will be applying to study a Master’s degree. It’s important to meet and be friendly with others. You will experience a much better social life if you do.”

          Congratulations to all our students who have graduated.  We are very proud to see you succeed and wish you all the best in your future.

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