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          Senior Lecturer in Advanced Practice
          电话: (01792)513828
          房间:办公室 - G14
          St Davids Block 3 School of Health Science

          I have worked within advanced clinical practice for many years. My current working week is split between the University and clinical practice. For two days of the week, I work within the advanced practice team as a senior lecturer. For the rest of the working week, I am employed as a nurse practitioner within a large general practice.


          • shg3111 小病管理

        • shg346 Foundations in Physiology and Health Assessment

          This module provides an introduction to the principles and practices of advanced practice. It is suitable for experienced clinical nurses or other allied health professionals who wish to expand their clinical skills and knowledge. This module will introduce students to the following subjects: anatomy, physiology, history taking, consultation skills, general examination and systems examination.

        • shgm48 小病管理

        • shgm70 Chronic Condition Management: Diabetes

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        • shhm03 Therapeutics and clinical dilemmas in practice


        • shhm09 Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Skills 1

        • shhm11 Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Skills 2

        • shhm41 Advancing Practice in Primary Care

          This theoretical module aims to introduce the student to the assessment and management of common clinical presentations that are frequently encountered within general practice.

        • shhm49 临床技能考核

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